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Chef B, a basketball coach and educator of history, ballroom dance, and public speaking, moved to Jersey City, New Jersey in December of 2020. Receiving items like a cast iron skillet in the height of the quarantine months ignited his interest in the culinary arts. With a newfound love for food and ingredients, he started experimenting at home, making tasty meals for one. Yet, something was missing. The answer: people. Now that restaurants and travel have opened again, instead of binging Netflix, he is binging quality time with people. He has traveled to the West and East Coasts, meeting the many Chefs behind your meals and finding those "can't miss" items on the menu. He's learning and sharing the history and stories behind mom and pop gems. He is filled with passion, adventure, and is happiest when he can put a smile on others' faces and succulent food on their table.

Chef B in Seattle

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